Agric Dean’s Message

Dean's Message

The Faculty of Environment and Agricultural Sciences (FEAS) was established in response to the growing need for trained Environment, Agriculture, and Natural resource managers to provide solutions to the challenges of environmental degradation and sustainable development.

The vision of the Faculty of Environment and Agricultural Sciences is to become a centre of excellence in teaching, research and community outreach in the field of sustainable agriculture, forestry, environment and natural resources. The mission of FEAS is to produce all round natural resource stewardship that is effectively, efficiently and profitably managed, based on sustainability. The FEAS seeks to address the escalating degradation and contribute to the conservation of the environment and natural resource base and ecosystem services.

The FEAS offers five degree programmes: Bachelor of Environment and Natural Resource Management (BENRM), Bachelor of Forest Science and Environment Management (BFEM), Bachelor of Forest Plantation and Agroforestry (BFPAF), Bachelor of Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Farm Management (BAEF), and Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Extension (BSAE). In addition, FEAS also runs a Diploma program in Sustainable Agriculture and Extension (DSAE).

The FEAS degree programmes are innovatively structured in such a way that most first year courses are offered by all students. In second and third year, students take courses leading to different specializations. The programme structure is aimed at giving FEAS graduates broad and specialized knowledge and skills in their areas of specialty.

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