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Courtesy of the Faculty of Basic Sciences and Information, Ndejje University

Student: Mugerwa Yusuf Faisal. Registration number: 16/2/530/W/322 Supervisor: Mr. Muchake Brain

Topic: Mobile Based Learning and Learners’ Performance in Institutions of Higher Learning: The Case of Makerere and Kampala University.

Name: Kitonsa Peter. Registration Number: 16/2/513/W/250 Supervisor: Mr. Muchake Brian Faculty: Basic Science and Information Technology

Topic: Mobile-web Enabled Emergency Communication System: Towards Control of Pandemics in Uganda: A Case of Mulago Hospital Located in Kampala Uganda.

Name: Walakira David Mawejje. Registration Number: 16/2/530/WJ/175 Supervisor: Mrs. Hawa Nyende

Topic: A Maternal Health Care Collaboration System for Village Health Teams (VHTS): A Case Study of Kalangala District, Uganda.

Name: Tibenda Sarah. Registration Number: 15/2/513/WJ/231 Supervisor: Mr. Brian Muchake.

Topic: Electronic Recruitment Adoption and Employee Service Performance: A Case of Study of Ministry of Public Service.

Name: Kulumba Paul. Registration Number: 16/2/530/W/923 Supervisor: Mr. Naigende Duncan

Topic: A Secure Bring Your Own (BYOD) Framework to Guide and Guarantee Information Security in Business Organisations: A Case of UGACOF Company, Bweyogerere, Uganda.
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