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Dean Faculty of Business Admin & MgtWelcome to the Faculty of Business Administration and Management. We are dedicated to edification of undergraduate and graduate students in various academic disciplines related to; business Creation & Innovation, Establishment, Development, Management, Administration, Marketing, Procurement, Finance, Accounting, etcetera

All our study programmes are accomplished through teaching and research. With our dedicated staff, students are encouraged to conduct empirical research in their area of interest as long as it is business-oriented guided by the themes in the Current University Research Agenda. We are committed to the development of business research knowledge, skills and practice by teaching and encouraging the writing and dissemination of findings and recommendations in academic dissertations and papers in business journals and reviews.

We coordinate joint business research projects and serve as a resource for organizations in need of business information, in-service training and workshop organization and/or facilitation. The Faculty of Business Administration & Management is also committed to the promotion of excellence in research and teaching by emphasizing the mutual dependence of these two processes. We put special emphasis on research based on the argument that lot of practical learning occurs when business students do research. We dismiss the notion that effective learning occurs through coursework alone, believing strongly that lecture-room knowledge is reinforced, made practical and completely assimilated when students are given the opportunity to apply and test that knowledge by doing empirical research. We also promote commercialization of intellectual property by encouraging our staff to provide consultancy services.


Dean, Faculty of Business Administration & Management

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