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Engineering at Ndejje University is committed to creating an environment where people thrive and contribute to improving the quality of life in national and global communities, as well as enhancing the wealth creation of the nation, through excelle
nce in teaching, research and service.

The reputation of Faculty of Engineering, Ndejje University, is largely a function of tailored programs that we expose to the students that we admit. An emphasis that greatly enriches the quality of their education experiences and help's to equip them with experiences needed to meet the challenges of today's' realities.

As a Faculty, we are mindful of applicants who have decided it is cheaper and easier to obtain a degree in Ndejje University than other Universities. Outside the classroom, students benefit from a multitude of networking opportunities to enhance student's personal development, that include professional and social contacts, career development assistance and real life experiences, mainly through the community hour that is hosted every week.

The spirit of co-operation among teachers, along with solid balanced programs that we have, continue to attract students in and around Uganda, the region and the world at large.

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