The Faculty of Engineering is located at Ndejje Main Campus 8 km off the Bombo junction on the Kampala- Gulu Highway. We offer the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) degree in civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, as well as geomagnetic and we are privileged to have a team of over 30 dedicated to the academic progrrams.

While the B.Eng degree is four years for A Level leavers who are taught at the main campus, we also have a weekend programme at Kampala Campus, whose target group is holders of diplomas, (both ordinary and higher) who would like to upgrade their qualifications Such applicants are given exemptions, based on the curriculum content of their diplomas. The weekend programme is offered in both civil and electrical engineering.

The uniqueness about the four year B. Eng Programme at Ndejje is that for the A level leavers (direct entrants) the first year is common for all. This allows them to be provided with the basic knowledge and skills in the broad disciplines of engineering, before they make an informed choice on their area of specialization, at the end of their first year. This makes our engineering students very versatile and adaptable to the ever changing needs of developing Uganda.

This particular approach is in response to the rapidly changing field of engineering, where many of the traditional boundaries are disappearing. This means the graduate engineer must be equipped to enter a career in which they will see many changes and he must be able to accept the challenges these changes represent, be innovative and where necessary, implement the changes while understanding the implications for finance and management. They must also possess the versatility to deal with new and unusual problems that will arise during their career as professional engineers. It is these engineering graduates who will provide future leadership in the industrial, research and academic environments.

The pages below provide more details about our curriculum and members of staff and our activities. You are welcome to contact us by mail or by phone for any further details you may require about our programmes.
Dr. Joel Webster Mbujje

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