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Courtesy of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Ndejje University.

Abstract For Staff: Najjuma Saidah, Mbooge.

Mentor: Rebecca M. Nyonyintono. Director: Research and Innovations. Topic: The Relevance of Information and Communication Technologies in Promoting Virtual University Education: The case of Ndejje University, Uganda and Kenyatta University, Kenya.

Name: Amumpaire Eva. Registration Number: 16/2/533/W/1512 Supervisor: Mr. Ndinawe Byekwaso Faculty: Social Sciences

Topic: The Effect of Police Response on Family Conflict in Urban Areas in Uganda: A Case of Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Name: Busingye Eva. Registration Number: 16/2/503/W/1562 Supervisor: Mr. Kigundu Joseph. Faculty: Social Sciences

Topic: The Effect of Marijuana Abuse on the Social Welfare of the Youth Living in Kasokoso Village, Kireka Parish, Kira Town Council, Uganda.

Name: David Nangumba. Registration Number: 14/2/504/W/449 Supervisor: Rev. Simon Serwanja Faculty: Social Sciences

Topic: Factors Influencing Performance of Girls in Secondary Schools in Kamuli District, Uganda.

Name: Isaac Katureebe. Registration Number: 15/2/504/WJ/158 Supervisor: Disan Mugumya Faculty: Social Sciences

Topic: Community Participation and Solid Waste Management in Kampala, Uganda: A Case of Makindye Division.

Name: Kabanda Paul Richard. Registration Number: 16/2/504/W/1559 Supervisor: Mr. Kigundu Joseph.

Topic: The Contribution of HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Programs to the Socio Economic Empowerment of HIV/AIDS Orphaned Children and Care Givers: A Case of Namirembe Diocesan HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Program.

Name: Kairaba Florence. Registration Number: 16/2/503/WJ/272 Supervisor: Mrs. Gladys Mubiru Faculty: Social Sciences

Topic: Armed Conflict and Psychological Wellbeing of Adolescents in Uganda: A Case of Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Kiryandongo Distict.

Name: Enid Ashaba. Registration Number: 16/2/503/W/1564 Supervisor: Mr. Matovu Deogratias

Topic: The Contribution of Compassion International to Self-sustenance of Children: A Case of Kayunga Child Development CentreL, Kayunga District. Uganda

Name: Wambayo Samuel. Registration Number: 17/2/502/W/1004 Supervisor: Ms. Namusoke Sarah

Topic: The Effect of Family Breakdown on Childrens’ Social Wellbeing in Kampala Capital City, Uganda: A Case of Katanga Slum, Kawempe Division.

Name: Viola Sam Sapana. Registration Number: 16/2/527/WJ/030 Supervisor: Mr. Kibuuka Peter.

Topic: The Role of Schools in Providing Psychological Support for Conflict Affected Children in Juba: A Case of Gudelle West County, South Sudan.

Name: Sarah Nakabugo. Registration Number: 11/1/503/1/3364 Supervisor: Mr. Kigundu Joseph

Topic: Factors Affecting the Uptake of HIV Counselling and Testing Services (HCT) Among the Youth: A Case of Ndejje University Health Centre 111, Luwero District. Uganda.

Student: Ochen Linda. Registration number: 16/2/504/W/525 Supervisor: Mrs Kyazike Grace

Topic: The Role of Sports Women in Community Development in Seguku Ward, Wakiso District. Uganda.

Name: Nattibe Phiona. Registration Number: 16/2/504/WJ/114 Supervisor: Mr. Disan Mugumya

Topic: The Influence of Knowledge. Attitudes and Practices on Youth Unemployment in Uganda: A Case of Selected Youth in Kyengera Trading Centre, Wakiso District.

Student: Nansikombi Ruth. Registration number: 15/2/503/WJ/155 Supervisor: Mrs Kyarugahe Dinah

Topic: Domestic Violence Against Men and Family Welfare: A Case of Kalisizo Town Council

Name: Namugga Betty. Registration Number: 16/2/502/WJ/044 Supervisor: Dr. Saidah N. Mbooge

Topic: Socio-Economic Determinants of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among HIV Positive Women in Uganda: A Case of the ART Clinic, Wakiso Health Centre IV, Wakiso District.

Name: Nakate Irene Serugo. Registration Number: 16/2/503/W/1226 Supervisor: Mr. Joseph Kigundu

Topic: Compassion International and Children Nurturing in Luwero Cluster, Uganda.

Name: Kwizera Alain Bruce. Registration Number: 16/2/504/W/983 Supervisor: Ms. Nakijoba Rosemary

Topic: Perceived Gender Inequality and Social Welfare of Women in Uganda: A Case of Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Isingiro District.
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