Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Social Gerontology & Welfare Studies
Bachelor of Community Psychology
Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling
Bachelor of Community-based Development
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
Bachelor of public Administration & Management
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration
Bachelor of Leadership & Human Development


At least five (5) passes at “O” level (UCE) or its equivalent and two relevant principle passes at “A” level (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent. A post “O” level diploma or certificate with at least two years relevant experience in the desired field.

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Development Studies
Diploma in Community – Based Development
Diploma in Guidance & Counseling
Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
Diploma in Social Work & Social Administration
Advanced Diploma in Addictive Counseling


At least five (5) passes at “O” level (UCE) or its equivalent and one relevant principle and two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting at “A” level (UACE) or its equivalent or a post “O” level diploma / certificate.

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Guidance & Counseling


At least three (3) subsidiary passes obtained at A level or C+ at S.4 in the 8-4-4 education system.

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