NDU Cultural Gala Competition

Acholi in traditional dance 2
Basoga champions
Rwandese in folk song
Basoga overall Champions 1

MDD Artists challenged as Basoga win festival

The Ndejje University Deputy Vice Chancellor has challenged the university’s cultural music, dance and drama artists groups to professionalise and commercialise their works.

Dr. Fredrick Kakembo made the call while officiating at the Ndejje University Cultural Gala competition hosted at Luwero Main Campus over the weekend. The Basoga Nsete, a tribal group from Eastern Uganda was declared overall 2019 champions after garnering 256 points followed by Baganda (Central) 254 points and defending champions Bakonzo (Western) in third position with 248 points.Four artists were awarded cash prizes for their outstanding performances; Best Dancer – Richard Mugabo (Rwandese), Soloist – Sebuwufu, Instrumentalist – Robert Odwong (Acholi) and Poetry – Winfred Nanozi (Baganda) A total of 15 tribal groupings competed in the gala festival including debutants Southern Sudan under the theme – “Culture As A Means To Moral Uprightness.”The Deputy Vice Chancellor cautioned the participants not to despise but promote their culture both nationally and internationally. “The most developed countries politically, economically and socially are those that cherish their culture. Culture is the pillar of our being, existence and heritage.”

“That is why countries that are destabilized by chaos and fighting don’t value culture,” Dr. Kakembo said. He however advised the cultural artist groups to engage in professionalism and commercialization of performances to sustain their works. “Digitilise your pieces and use it to do commercial shows for serious outreach business. Establishment of inter cultural platform is also crucial for coordination of your activities both nationally and abroad,” said the Deputy Vice Chancellor who pledged to follow up the proposals. The 15 cultural groups presented three pieces each in the one-day hotly contested festival which comprised a folk song, traditional dance and poem. In the two-horse tight race, the Basoga won two presentations notably in the traditional dance scoring 92 points and poem 83 points while in the folk song 81 points respectively. The second placed Baganda meanwhile won the folk song 85 points and bagged 91 points in traditional dance and poem 73 points respectively.
Overall results:
1. Basoga 256 points                      2. Baganda 254
3. Bakonzo 248                               4. Banyankore 244

5. Acholi 235                                   6. Langi 233

7. West Nile 223                            8. Rwandese 207
9. Bagwere 204                            10. Teso 198

11. South Sudan 196                   12. Banyoro/Batoro 195

13. Bakiga 194                             14. Kalenjin 191

15. Bamasaba 185

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