Objectives & Philosophy

Objectives & Philosophy


The University is founded on Christian principles and teachings based on the Bible, the Apostles’ Creed and the basic doctrines and practices espoused by The Anglican Church of Uganda and summarized by the University’s Motto: “ Fear of God Brings Knowledge and Wisdom”.


To provide resources and facilities for higher education, excellence in teaching, and promotion of research and advanced learning within the context of Christian faith, practice and spirituality.

To provide, with other Christian institutions, academic leadership to the Church and society in Uganda and Africa, so as to address through research, education and consultation, the economic, social and political problems unique to the Ugandan and African society.

To guide students to understand and accept themselves, their individual needs and talents, and to develop their potential for productive life and service.

To provide students with a balanced educational program that helps them to develop professional skills, and to broaden their perception so as to develop a holistic approach to life.

To provide students with an opportunity to internalize the Christian teachings with a view to personally making a commitment to Christ and his demands summarized in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18 -20).

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