Promotion Marketing Mix and Organizational Performance

This research was focused on the impact of promotion marketing mix on the organizational performance of a company like Movit Product Company Limited. The general objective of the study was to establish the relationship between promotion marketing mix and organizational performance. This was anchored on the flaming theory, whichargues that how something is presented to the audience (called "the frame") influences the choices people make about it. Therefore, the specific objectives of the study were to examine the relationship between advertising, sales promotion and personal selling on the organizational performance of Movit products. The research used a cross-section survey design to collect data from 82 respondents.

The study revealed a very strong positive relationship between advertising and organizational performance of r=0.769at significance level 0.000<0.01). Furthermore,the study established a positive and significant relationship between sales promotion and organizational performance of r=0.672 at significance level 0.000<0.01. Lastly, there was a strong significant positive relationship between personal selling and organizational performance of r=0.700 at significance level 0.000<0.01. Therefore, the study recommends that companies like Movit Uganda Limited should sponsor adverts,which are easy to understand and are translatable in various languages in order to improve its performance in the market. It also recommends that sales promotion should be used less often because it costs the company revenue and makes products look inferior. Therefore, sales teams should be regularly trained to increase their skills and experience in ensuring that products are presented as high end as this would make the products on promotion more appealing and attractive.
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