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In conformity with the Vision, Mission and Values of the Institution, the Quality Assurance Directorate confirms the University’s commitment to the strategic plan. The QAU which was started in 2008 became a fully-fledged Directorate in June 2015 with an independent office for its operations. Ndejje University has continuously developed a system of standardization which has shaped the present quality assurance practice.

At present, the Directorate is required to fully coordinate, supervise, monitor and evaluate quality assurance processes and practices in areas of course programmes, teaching and learning, facilities and research as well as all community outreach activities.


The Quality Assurance Directorate staff is dynamic, dedicated, experienced, caring and encouraging. The QAD in cooperation with Faculties, Other Directorates and Support Service Departments oversee Quality Assurance processes and activities across various domains of the University to ensure quality standards.

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