Implementation of QA objectives

The directorate carries out the following activities in tandem with its mandate:

  • Advise University Management and council on setting and improvement of performance standards that are appropriate and relevant to NDU; Updating the Deputy Vice-Chancellor on the functioning of the Quality Assurance system as it relates to specific respective activities within the different divisions and the status of quality performance of the research, programmes and as well as programme delivery processes;
  • Coordinate internal and external evaluation of NDU and its programmes; Establish and review NDU QA policy and operational manual; Development and implementation of Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures for monitoring the students’ progress, pass rates, dropout rates, and labour market perception of academic programmes and the graduates of the university;
  • Link with external actors, in particular with professional and regulatory bodies (NCHE), employers, students, community and alumni;
  • Ensure existence and implementation of an acceptable & robust system to monitor the process of Examinations;
  • Coordinate and manage Students’ Evaluation of the staff and programmes;
  • Coordinate strategies for Tracer Studies and staff training on QA areas established after conducting a needs survey;
  • Analyse QA reports and advice NDU academic and non-academic Departments and respective units.
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