Retention and Employee Performance

Supervisor: Ampereza Milton
The studyentitled “Retention and Employee Performance:A Case of Opportunity Bank City Branch Kampala” sought to establish the relationship between retention and employee performance in Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited. Its specific objectives were to assess the relationship between training and employee performance, recognition and employee performance and to examine the relationship between teamwork and employee performance usingOpportunity Bank Uganda Limited as its case study. These objectives were supported by literature mainly from Buhter (2013), Blau and Boal (2014) and Zheng (2009), who have argued that there is a relationship between retention and employee performance.

The study used a cross-sectional research design, using simple random and purposeful sampling, to collect data from a sample of 100 respondents, of who only 87 respondents participated in the study. The data established that while training (3.7%) made a small contribution to employee performance, recognition (22.2%) made a moderate contribution. Furthermore, the data revealed that teamwork (36.6%) accounted for a sizable improvement of employee performance. The study recommends that in order to get the best out of training, bank employees need to have customized training, employee recognition needs to be done fairly and in a transparent manner and Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited should implement teamwork so that it can get the best out of its employees
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