Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Use Of Vernonia Plant For Home-Based Malaria – Treatment In Rural Uganda

Ms. Olivia Harriet Makumbi and Dr. Rebecca M. Nyonyintono

The study investigated the various methods of preparation, dosage, frequency of intake and use of Vernonia plant for home-based treatment of malaria. Malaria, caused by Plasmodium and transmitted by Anopheles mosquito, is a common debilitating ailment throughout Uganda and a major hindrance to development. Despite anti-mosquito and anti-plasmodium control measures, the disease is still a big threat. Ugandans usually use local herbs before seeking pharmaceutical drugs in clinics and hospitals. Natural plants, Vernonia (Vernonia amygdalina) inclusive, have been reported to have anti-plasmodial properties and have been effectively used for decades to control malaria.
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E-Government And Service Quality In Public Sectors

Namayanja Rehmah, Mr. Mugumya Disan and Milly Kwagala (Phd)

This paper was extracted from a bigger study which established the relationship between E-Government and service quality in Public Sectors. The objectives of the study were; to ascertain whether IT infrastructure influences service quality in Uganda Electoral Commission, to examine the effect of web accessibility on service quality in Uganda Electoral Commission and to establish the contribution of human resource management and service quality in Uganda Electoral commission.
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