The Effect of Bidding Process on Service Delivery

The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of bidding process on service delivery in Mubende Local Government. The study was anchored on three objectives, namely, establishing the effect of pre-qualification, examining the effects of evaluation procedures and ascertaining the effect of contract management on service delivery in Mubende District Local Governments. The research adopted a cross-sectional survey design to collect data from 340 respondents using questionnaires. The data was analyzed using SPSS. The findings of the study revealed that prequalification of suppliers in the bidding process function were a strategic activity in Mubende Local Government. With a calculated correlational value of r=0.599, the study confirmed that if prequalification standards are followed strictly, service delivery will also increase.

The study further confirmed that there was a moderately positive significant associative relationship between evaluation procedures and service delivery. Given that the calculated correlational value r=0.653 at significant relationship of 0.000<0.01, it can be argued that the relationship is predictive. Lastly, the study revealed an average positive significant associative relationship between contract management and service delivery. With a calculated correlational value of r=0.677, the study concluded that for the Mubende District Local Government to survive in the bidding (procurement) process, prequalification process should be critically adopted, evaluation procedures should be properly evaluated and contracts should be properly managed and monitored in order to effectively achieve the set objectives of the district. It was recommended that the district should come up with proper and improved prequalification rules, proper evaluation procedures and contract management processes if it is to improve its service delivery.
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