The Effect of Supervision Methods

This study examined the effect of supervision methods on employee performance in Centenary Bank, Mapeera Branch. Its specific objectives were to find out the effect of instructional,observationaland supportive supervision on employee performance in Centenary Bank, Mapeera Branch. This is in line with work by authors like Buregeya, (2009), Azman et al (2009) and Dysvik & Kuvaas, (2012), who have argued that supervision methods have an impact on performance in a commercial entitty. A cross-sectional correlation research design was used to collect data from 125 employees and 2 key informants using a questionnaire-guide and interview-guide respectively. Data was analysed using Pearson correlation and thematic content analysis for quantitative and qualitative data respectively. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlations results showed that a relationship existed between instructional supervision and employee performance (p-value; 0.040<0.05; 95%) level of significance, observational 36 supervision (p-value; 0.041<0.05; 95%) and supportive supervision (p-value; 0.049,<0.05; 95%). Multiple regression analysis results were (p-value; 0.040<0.05; 95%) for instructional supervision, (p-value; 0.041<0.05; 95%) for observational supervision and (p-value; 0.049<0.05; 95%) for supportive supervision.

Therefore, the study concludes that supportive, instructional and observational supervision were related to employee performance. It recommends that supervisors in Centenary Bank, Mapeera Branch should change their roles and behaviour in as far as they deal with subordinates in the workplace.
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