The Effects of Organisation Citizen Behaviour on Employee

This study sought to explore how organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) affects employee performance within organizations, with specific emphasis on Kampala Capital City Authority. Consequently, the study objectives were to examine the relationship between altruism, conscientiousness and civic virtue and employee job performance at Kampala Capital City Authority. The study utilized a survey research design —questionnaires were distributed to 61 employees — to gather information about organisational citizen behaviours among employees of Kampala Capital City Authority. With a return of 60 usable questionnaires or 98.4% rate of return, the study used descriptive and inferential statistics to analyse the data. The study findings indicated that altruism’s correlation value of r=0.413 at significance level p=0.00<0.05 implies that there was a low positive relationship between altruism and employee performance.

In regards to conscientiousness, the correlation value of r=0.381at significance level p=0.00<0.05 implies that there was a low positive relationship between conscientiousness and employee performance. The correlation value for civic virtue was calculated at r=0.326 at significance level p=0.00<0.05. This implies that there was a low positive relationship between civic virtue and employee performance. The study concluded that organizational citizenship behavior is an important factor in an organisation because it enhances employee performance. If Kampala Capital City Authority employees were to take on additional assignments, voluntarily assist new employees at work, keep a positive attitude and tolerate inconveniences at work, the study concluded that this would in the long run heighten Kampala Capital City Authority’s employee 7 performance.

Furthermore, if the employees discussed with other teammates before initiating actions that might affect them and kept minor complaints to themselves, without trying to find fault with other employees, then, their performance would improve drastically.
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