The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between corporate social responsibility and organizational performance of corporations in Uganda, using National Waterm and Sewerage Corporation as a case study. The study was based on three objectives, namely to examine the effect of ethical responsibility,philanthropic responsibility and environmental responsibility on organizational performance of National Water and Sewerage Corporation. A cross-sectional and descriptive study design, using quantitative and qualitative approaches, was adopted to capture views, attitude and opinions of various respondents. Both questionnaires and interview guides were used to collect qualitative and quantitative data from a sample of 80 respondents using Kreijie and Morgan 1970.

The study revealed that ethical responsibility has positive correlation to organization performance at correlational value r = 0.353). Similarly, it was discovered that philanthropic responsibility has positive correlation to organizational performance at calculated r=0.482.Furthermore, it was concluded that environmental responsibility has positive correlation to organizational performance at r=0.562.Therefore,the study recommends that there should be improvement in the application of set standards in the organization so that ethical responsibility should beimproved, as this will instill confidence among customers, which can lead to improved performance. It also recommends that philanthropic responsibility needs to be practiced regularly — cases of donations, support to the disadvantaged, supporting games like Uganda Cranes should be undertaken — so that more people utilize the organization products. This in the long run will improvethe performance of the organisation. Lastly, environmental responsibility needs to be improved such that emissions are reduced; water leakages are reduced,in order to improve the profitability and performance of the organization.
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