The Relationship between Participative Management

The objectives of this study to establish the relationship between participative management, authoritative management and transformationalmanagement style on performance of a company like Uganda Clays Limitedwas informed by Becker and Huselid’s (2006) argumentthat management styles and organisational performance have an impact on performance. A quantitative and qualitative approach was used to collect primary and secondary data from a sample of 181 respondents. Research findings revealed that there was a highly strong positive relationship (R=0.886) between management styles and organisational performance. This implies that management styles strongly affected the performance of UCL by almost 73%. The findings also indicated that transformational management style contributed more to organisational performance than participative and authoritative management styles.

The research recommends hat the management of UCL should adopt participative management style, since it accounts for 50.2% of variations in organisational performance. Secondly, that the management of UCL 32 should be discouraged to embrace authoritative management style, as it contributes only 14.0% to organisational performance. Lastly,that managers at UCL are strongly encouraged to implement transformational kind of management styles if high work performance is to be achieved, since it contributes 78.2% to organisational performance.
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