The Relationship between Strategic Communication

The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between strategic communication and employee performance. It sought to determine the influence of transparency on employee performance, examine the role of enabled goal setting on employee performance and examine the influence of communication channels on employee performance. The research used a correlation research design and employed stratified, purposive and simple random sampling to obtain a sample size of 113 respondents.

The study revealed that there was a positive relationship between transparency and performance of employees within Mubende District Local Government. The findings also revealed that there was a strong positive relationship between enabled goal settingand employee performance in Mubende District Local Government. The study further showed that there was a moderate positive relationship between communication channels and employees performance within Mubende District Local Government. Therefore,
the study concluded that Mubende District Local Government successfully used internal communication tools to promote employee motivation. The study recommends that in order to 21 promote employee motivation as far as possible, managers must pay attention to the organizations’ important instrument: internal communication. This is because internal communication shows employees that they are important to the organisation. Furthermore, the study recommends that effective communication should be implemented for management to develop and sustain a competitive advantage for organizational performance and improvement. This could be done if management shared organisational goals and targets with employees.
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