The Relationship between Workgroup Cohesion

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between workgroup cohesion and performance basing on Ariba Community Rice SACCO Project in Amuru District of Northern Uganda. Its specific objectives were to establish the effect of group selection, assess the influence of group leadership and examine the effect of group communication on performance of Ariba community rice SACCO project in Amuru District. The study used a cross-sectional research design to collect data from a sample of 216 respondents out of a target population of 286 rice dealers. The results of the study reveal that a strong positive relationship exists between group selection and SACCO project performance.

This is represented by the adjusted r2 = 0.604 at significance level p˂ 0.000, which indicates that group selection contributes 60.4% in influencing SACCO performance. It also indicates a strong positive relationship between group leadership and SACCO performance as reflected by the adjusted r2 = 0.679 at significance level p˂ = 0 0.00. This indicates that group leadership contributes 67.9% in influencing SACCO performance. It is further revealed that there is a strong positive relationship between group communication and SACCO performance, given the adjusted r2=0.618 at significance level p 0.000. This means that group communication explains 61.8% of the SACCO performance. Overall, Ariba Community Rice SACCO Project performance was found to be most influenced by group leadership, followed by group communication and least influenced by group selection as explained by the Beta values below( ˂= 664, p 0.000; = 581, p 0.001; = .404, p 0.003).The study recommends that the group should possess and display good leadership skills,encourage internal competition, reward the best performers and pursue joint goals. It also recommends that setting up sub groups and organising regular meetings can promote the project goals among the group members.
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