The Role of Management Competences

The study sought to investigate the role of management competences on project success within USAID funded project in Apac District. Its specific objectives were to assess the relationship between skills and project success, establish the relationship between experience and project success and examine the effect of knowledge on project success. These objectives were informed by the work of Pinto and Slevin (1987), who in Management Challenges of Project Success for the 21st Centuryargue that successor failureof an organisation depends on the competency of its employees. The study employed a correlation research design, mainly using questionnaires, to collect data about the relationship between the variables.Pearson’s correlation coefficients were computed so as to establish the nature of the relationship between the variables.

For deeper analysis, regression analysis of the effect of employee competences and project success was carried out and findings indicated that skills, experience and knowledge positively played a significant role in project success as they positively correlated with project success. This conclusion was supported by the Adjusted R square values of 0.335, 0.507 and 0.511 for skills, experience and knowledge respectively. Therefore, the study recommends that since management competences greatly influence project success, districts like Apac should put into place programmes like on-job training and career guidance in order to achieve project success.
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