The University provides accommodation to students enrolled at our two Luweero Campuses. It is University policy for all year one students at either Lady Irene or Main campuses to be residents. Students at Kampala campus can find hostels or rentals in the neighborhood within walking distance from the University.

All halls for both male and female students are located at our historical Lady Irene campus. Accommodation in the halls is shared for all students.
Gents Hall - Yokaana at Ndejje
Each student, on admission is attached to a Hall of Residence as shown on the admission letter. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served to all resident students in each hall at a specified time. Students who reside on campus have easy access to University resources such as wireless internet, an ample reading environment and the Library.

The University assists non-residents in identifying nearby hostels suitable for student accommodation. Rentals are also available to students who wish to have privately arranged accommodation however; the University does not guarantee the hygiene and suitability for students’ residence of these places.

Students on weekend program who travel from upcountry can use guest houses around the University for Accommodation.

The New Noah's Ark Gents HallTo save our students from seeking accommodation off campus, two new halls were officially commissioned by the President of Uganda H.E. Y. K. Museveni at Lady Irene campus. The two modern halls can accommodate over three hundred students and are fitted with world class facilities. Ground breaking was done for the construction of another hostel near the Lady Irene campus. This is all being done to ensure that all University students at the Main and Lady Irene campuses are accommodated near the facilities relevant to student’s academi

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